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How does your toddler get their daily veggies?

  • Nikki
    Nov 19, 2018

    I’ve struggled, but I mix veggies into his meatballs and mix it into other stuff. He also likes fried rice so I mix small pieces in there too. He loves the squeezies also so I make sure to offer veggie ones to him as well.

  • Sophie
    Nov 19, 2018

    I hide them in the food she eats. I also give her the mots veggie snacks. I juice juice for her and put veggies in it.

  • Jennifer
    Nov 19, 2018

    Pouches work best for us

  • Desiree
    Nov 19, 2018

    My daughter likes when we make smoothies together so she will put strawberries bananas spinach and all in the blender and I will close it plug it in and she will press the button I also mix veggies like zucchini tomatoes things into spaghetti which she loves and she doesn’t even know they’re in there we also recently made some avocado brownies which she loved

  • Jim
    Nov 19, 2018

    Mostly pouches, but there’s another really good product out there too. My little man is addicted to pasta. My wife found a pasta sauce called “Sneaky Chef” that has a bunch of pureed vegetables in it (zucchini, tomatoes, etc.)

  • Victoria
    Nov 19, 2018

    I make veggie frittata for breakfast. Each muffin sized frittata has 1/4 a cup of veggies which I alternate between zucchini mushroom bell pepper carrot spinach etc. He loves them and I feel good starting the morning with a serving of veggies. We also do green berry smoothies and steamed veggies by themselves. My son isn't a picky eater at all.

  • Ivy
    Nov 19, 2018

    Smoothies for us! And he totally knows what all goes into it. He will happily drink a green smoothie a day, ans in my opinion, it's better than cooked veggies since the nutrients aren't being cooked out

  • Michelle
    Nov 19, 2018

    Hidden veggies muffins, smoothie pancakes ( I blend up fruits and veggies with the milk I put into the pancake mix), blend spinach or kale with milk for Mac and cheese and call it monster noodles because it’s green. Buy only veggie baby food and add it into pasta sauce, veggie crumble sloppy joes, I make veggie burgers. We don’t eat meat in our house. I still have to find ways to sneak a variety of veggies in my picky kids food!

  • Jaime Santos-Prowse
    Nov 19, 2018

    We make smoothies, popsicles, and offer her vegetables at every meal, but really the biggest thing for us has been not allowing her to snack throughout the day. If she's hungry, she'll try anything. And as long as the vegetables are flavorful (salt & peppered, buttered, served with sauce, or simply *not* cooked into oblivion) she will usually finish them off happily. Oh, and we never complain about eating vegetables, even if one of us has cooked something the other parent doesn't like. We try to maintain a neutral attitude. Which admittedly is a lot harder for me than for my partner, who is a dietitian and loves almost all vegetables. 🙊

  • Amanda
    Nov 19, 2018

    Frozen spinach dinos. We nuke them and he will eat a whole box if I let him. We also eat a lot of curries veggies.

  • Lily
    Nov 19, 2018

    Mine loves to eat veggies, but I got the reusable squeeze pouches, and then put baby food in them. She loves them.

  • Shuishuipanda
    Nov 19, 2018

    My son almost always pick out the veggies from the food I mix them in. I'm struggling too. But I can at least give him his favorite vegetables, like stir-fried cauliflower and stir-fried tomato with egg, mixed with steamed rice. And he loves fruits so I make sure to give him more fruits to compensate the lack of veggies (a lots of avocado)

  • Amy
    Nov 25, 2018

    My daughter likes veggies. Some days she will reject them. So I'll add them in smoothies or I'll mix them in with her dinner and pouches work well too.