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How long do teeth take? First one is crooked?

Baby’s first tooth finally cut through! It’s enough to be slightly visible and 100% felt when she BF...but then doesn’t seem to have progressed (it’s been a couple weeks since the fever and first push-through). When should we expect it to be all the way out of her guns and looking like a real tooth instead of a weird white lumpy bit just over the “horizon” of her gums? Also, this first one seems to be erupting through at an angle...should we be concerned? TYIA!

  • Victoria
    Jan 16

    My daughters bottom 2 teeth came in crooked but straightened out when they were fully in.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 16

    Some teeth can seem like they take foreverrrrr to come through. Our daughter's bottom teeth were like that. Her top teeth took just a few days. I wouldn't stress it as long as they are coming through and nothing looks infected or swollen beyond normal. And they will straighten out on their own once they come in completely.