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How long does it usually take a toddler to start speaking?


She says words for the speech therapist, but not at home. Her only words at home are that, yay, and yeah. Please help give me some insight... She also, just last month, got a clean bill of health for her hearing. I was thinking maybe by 3 years.

  • Andy
    Jun 11

    Our son just turned 3 last month and he is speaking but very very little. However, while it’s frustrating to hear others his age talking away, it isn’t abnormal. At the rate that his speaking is growing, he’ll probably be 39 to 40 months old before he starts speaking fully. My wife was 5 years old-so it isn’t abnormal at all.

  • Triny
    Jun 11

    My daughter took a while to speak more fluently. Her cousin, same age, was talking more than her earlier. I was also a little worried but never took her to therapy. She is 3 1/2 now and talks too much! Lol jk. I guess each kid is different 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • K
    Jun 11

    Our son started speech therapy just before 2. We didn’t see real progress until 3 and a half. He is almost 4 1/2 and although he still has difficulty with certain blends and sounds, his articulation and communication has improved greatly. Some of the videos of him at 2 break my heart bc you could see he wanted to speak and just couldn’t. But, he was observing everything! She will do it in her own time.

  • Sam
    Jun 11

    Is your little babied at home? I know with my daughter she was more willingly to talk for me but my parents she wasn’t. That’s because she knew all she had to do was point and start whining for them to figure it out. I would constantly talk to her and ask her to say a word even if it didn’t sound the same I would cheer her on. But also don’t worry too much she’ll talk more at home when she WANTS haha my little is exactly like that it’s on her time not mine.

  • Harmony
    Jun 12

    with my oldest (20 months) we started with sign language. after a year, we started asking him what he wanted. “what would you like? juice? can you say JUICE?” (given at 19 months when we started potty training). “do you want some FOOD?” i would highly suggest asking her questions like those. don’t give in to the pointing. tell her what those objects are