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How much should you expect your nanny to play with your 6 mo old?

My nanny gives my son only about 30 min to 1 hr a day of real one on one play time, and 30 min to an hour of play but with a phone or tv on (very distracted). The rest of the time is solo play, feeding (with no interaction like singing, reading, or talking) typically with the tv on, changing diapers, going for a walk or he's sleeping. We don't ask her to do anything else throughout her 8-10 hr day. Is this abnormal or should we expect more? Even her one on one play doesnt seem very energetic or really involved and she doesn't seem , to be practicing any real skills with him. We do have cameras in the house which she is aware of, which makes it seem to me that she thinks she is doing enough in her eyes. What should we be expecting of her? Note we pay her $19 an hour which seems to be average for our area.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 24

    Thats absurd. 19 an hour means she should AT LEAST be working on encouraging development and interacting with your child if not more.

  • Natalie
    Oct 24

    Umm if she is getting paid 19 an hour to care for your child that is all she should do....if she watches tv or is on her phone that should only be during nap time

  • B
    Oct 26

    No way I’d let my nanny have tv on during the day unless baby is sleeping. Rates are higher where I live, but I’d expect her to take him outside daily and read and do activities throughout the day.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    The going rate for a nanny to sit all day is $30 an hour. If she has goid experience and education. $19 is really not much for that job. Honestly, if you want to get more outta her, you have to pay more. However there are people out there that will do more just because they love the work. When searching look for heart of the person. It doesn't hurt to have the tv going for infants/toddlers. As it is good for your child to hear the voices and communication. As long as the nanny is communicating with your child throughout the day it should be fine. The realistic interaction should be 20 to 30 minutes after every feeding for and infant and then a nap. Repeat schedule. Older children should have at least 4 hours of indoor and outdoor play and social interaction including adults and other children combined throughout the day. They need a rest time of 2 hours and tv/ technology should be minimimized to an hour a day for the child. It diesnt hurt to add in learning activities to do as well.

  • Mayra
    Nov 02

    30hr for a nanny wow 😯 I’m in the wrong profession. I am a license vocational nurse and I make less. $19 hr sounds like a lot for taking care of a child. There’s Christian schools that are cheaper and your child will get to interact with kids his or her age group.