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How much solids should my 7 month old be eating?


To feel full, he can take 24oz of milk and purée per day - 8oz per feeding, 3 times a day. How many of those ounces should be purée, and how many should be milk?

  • Jenn
    Mar 27

    At 7 months, my LO was eating about 25-30oz of formula a day and 2 meals of solids (a mix of puree and finger foods). The solids were usually breakfast and dinner. She usually had 1-2oz of puree and then a finger food. My Ped told me until age 1 to give her a minimum of 20oz a day of formula, no matter how much she eats. She is now 10 months and has about 20oz a day and 3 meals of solids.

  • J
    Mar 27

    My LO is 9 months. We do 2-3 meals a day and she has 4 7oz bottles (she usually sleeps through the night). She’s not eating a lot of solids but about 1/2 jumbo egg and maybe some puffs or but for purées she’ll eat 2-3oz at a time. We have her 9mo checkup so we’ll see what the doctor says about it.

  • Kendall
    Mar 27

    Same as Jenn!

  • Elle
    Mar 28

    Appx 20 oz of formula/day ... Plus whatever food she wants to eat. Let baby eat food until she's no longer hungry. Offer a few things, with different textures. Or offer tbe same food cooked two different ways. Then follow up with bottle. (This order worked well for us because 1) baby is learning her gag reflex and bow to eat food and occasionally would find that gag reflex and returned the food and the milk she drank first... 2) removes the question of whether she was.'t hungry or just wasn't into cooked carrots that wednesday, etc.) - avocado - egg (scrambled, baked, or boiled) - baked sweet potato - etc Skip the puffs, cereals, starches, sugars, and sweets -- focus on vegetables and proteins and healthy fats now for baby's growth.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 28

    We stay within these guidelines as much as possible. For solids/purées we started off with a little. At 7 months my LO wasn’t eating any solids just purées (1-2oz) twice a day. Breast milk/formula is still their main source of nutrition so I couldn’t cut back. In my opinion 20oz isn’t enough for my baby atleast. She’s 8 months and usually 25-30oz a day.

  • Sara
    Apr 17

    Also milk comes before food because that is their main source of nutrition