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How much time is reasonable


I dont like my mother in law. She has been slyly rude from the very beginning. Now that we have moved over 100 miles away from her her once a month weekend visits with my son has come to an end. Instead I'm thinking she can come up for one day one night a month. To visit with my son while my boyfriend and I have a date night. I really want to do once every 2 months since she is a pain to be around. But I feel like that will hurt my son...maybe not. She already spends the holidays with us. So maybe every two months is not so unreasonable. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Kieli
    Mar 05

    Well 100 miles is not too far away. I recently moved 2,000 miles from my in laws, and my dad as well. I feel that if you pick only the every 2 months option then she will complain that she isn’t seeing you guys enough. Maybe go into it with her as a trial. “Let’s see if doing it (you can start with every 2 months) works for everyone” so that way you aren’t committed to anything, and if you need a extra break you can always call her

  • Anonymous
    Mar 05

    Once a month sounds good to me. But why don’t you try it and see how everyone does? A day and a night a month isn’t bad. I wish my daughter saw her grandparents that much.

  • Vic
    Mar 05

    Thanks for your replies. To be honest a date night once a month would be nice and we wouldn't be home part of the time so it would just be her and him for the night....