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How much/frequently ibuprofen?

My 10mo daughter has had an AWFUL cold — combatting a fever, cough, congestion, whole 9 yards, so based on our pedi’s recommendation we were giving her ibuprofen 3x a day. This went on for a good 5 days...started to show real improvement, so we stopped for about 3 days. Then, not only did she get super sick again but she’s also getting 4 TEETH! She’s ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. So back to ibuprofen, and we mostly just do it morning and evening. But this is going on a good 2 weeks of ibuprofen. Is this safe? I am not someone that really likes medicine unless absolutely necessary. How long have you all been told is safe?

  • Keri
    Feb 27

    Do you alternate Tylenol and Motrin?