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How often do you check your blood pressure?


Moms who have had issues with blood pressure or have a blood pressure cuff of their own how often do you check? I had issues at the end of my first pregnancy with my blood pressure and I’m currently having issues with swelling.

  • PK
    Apr 17

    During my pregnancy, I only got it checked when I went to the dr. Postpartum, my bp was really high so we bought a cuff and I think I checked it once a week. I was so swollen that I had trouble breathing. Ended up going to the ER. For some reason my body wasn’t getting rid of all the fluid I retained during my pregnancy/labor/delivery fast enough so it was starting to go into my lungs. My bp has normalized now so I only get it checked every 2 months (I donate blood every 2 months).

  • Lily
    Apr 23

    I had pre-eclampsia with my first, so with this second one I have been checking my blood pressure everyday. I just hit 30 weeks and my legs and feet are starting to swell. But blood pressure is still the same.