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How often does your baby get Diarrhea?

My baby is 11 months and for the past 4 months shes had diarrhea 3 times. I've taken her to her pediatrician, she told me my baby is fine, I've taken her to the ER they said shes fine. And that diarrhea is normal and very common in babies/toddlers. It's very upsetting to have a baby in discomfort once a month and be told hes fine. In my eyes shes not! there is something I'm feeding her or a gastrointestinal problem is present. Any advice for my situation???

  • A
    Mar 17

    I think Drs worry only when babies are dehydrated from diarrhea. Like no wet diapers etc. Did you notice what triggers it. Ours would have an episode once in a while after starting solids. Like a new food. This is the age they put everything in their mouths and that might cause it too. But try to see if there is a pattern or some food she is eating. Then you can point that out to the Dr and get your doubts cleared. We noticed fewer episodes after he started walking more and stopped putting everything in his mouth.

  • Amanda
    Mar 17

    If they are not getting dehydrated I honestly don't worry about it. For my son we did a food journal because we suspected a food intolerance (allergist confirmed soy intolerance) but the diahrrea always upset me more than him. I just made sure to use rash cream on his bum when he was having a bout. At once a month I probably wouldn't be concerned unless it was lasting for several days at a time. Last time my son got the runs was because someone gave him a texas cupcake and the frosting disagreed with him. Nothing was wrong with him just a bad dietary choice that day. That's most of the times he gets diarrhea, something didn't sit right or he picked up a bug. If you told me it happened once a month I wouldn't be surprised.