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How old was your child when you took the pacifier away and how did you do it?

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 17, 2019

    My son was 1.. he only used it for sleep and once he woke up he took it out of his mouth and threw it lol. I figured it was time! I feel the younger the better. Maybe make up a cool story with it? For example; You want to give it to a baby who needs it and doesnt have one. Make sure you get rid of every single one in the house. Good luck xo

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 17, 2019

    Or maybe let baby throw it in the water somewhere? For the fishies? Then pick it up and dispose of it in the trash when little is not looking.

  • DD
    Jun 18, 2019

    My daughter is 14 months and she only uses it during naps and night sleep and no other time. She still wakes up during the night finds it and gives it to herself and goes back to sleep. I don’t think she’s ready to give it up yet and I’m soooo scared to take it from her BUT I know the longer it takes the harder it’ll be. I’m soooo torn how to take it from her 😢

  • Jess
    Jun 20, 2019

    My son was 18 months. He only had it in his crib and car seat. But he didn’t have one at daycare. I warned him the day before. The day of, I talked to him about him being a big boy and it was time to get rid of the pacifier. Then I had him throw it away. He looked for it one night. That was it. He has since found some pacifiers we missed in the cleanup. He puts them in his mouth happily, but he’s also thrown them away too. No tears.

  • Elle
    Jul 02, 2019

    2 months when baby started teething and didnt want anything but a wash cloth to suckle on. Younger the better. Replace with a different comfort item (like a wash cloth, sock, stuffed animal, etc) that can help with teething but isnt correlated to increased ear infections and dental issues.