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How do you get over the fear of she chocking or gagging? I know if you hear noise that’s a good sign because her airway isn’t blocked but my husband freaks out which in turn makes me freak out. I’m also afraid that she will shove the whole thing in her mouth if I give her slice of something cut big enough for her to hold onto or that she might be able to break off a good size piece of food.

  • Angelica
    Feb 25

    It is stressful, my son used to do this too. It takes time for them to figure out how to eat food properly. You could try the teething wafers. They are larger crackers but they dissolve in the child’s saliva, so less choking risk. Just always be present at mealtimes and keep foods at Cheerio size . They can learn to pick up the bites of food even if they are that small.

  • Kelly
    Feb 25

    Just remember 99+% of the time they are just gagging, not choking, although it’s certainly scary to watch. They really do have to learn how to eat and it involves some trial and error. As long as you’re providing appropriately small bites (diced typically) and they are eating in a safe place (ie, in a chair) you’re typically safe. Their little hands can pick up really tiny food, so cut as small as you’re comfortable with. ;) BUT if you’re really concerned it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your baby first aid skills (cpr/heimlich) and then you’d know you had the necessary skills should the unlikely ever happen.

  • J
    Feb 26

    We do the rusk and puffs and she’s does pretty well with them. But giving her solids is where the issue really is. I usually only give her something the size of her pinky(?). I also try and let her pick the food/puffs up but she usually will put them in her while hand and can’t figure out how to get it in her mouth so I’m usually feeding her. I’ve tried giving her a stick size of broccoli or sweet potato and she tries to shove the whole thing in her mouth 😫

  • Kelly
    Feb 27

    Have you tried steaming the harder veggies a little first? Makes them a little hard to grab, but easier to chew/eat.

  • J
    Feb 28

    Yes usually steam the veggies. We did broccoli the other night but when she went to feed herself she shoved the whole floret in her mouth! So I ended up feeding her

  • Tiana
    Mar 09

    Do infant cpr class so you’re prepared in case of worst case scenario. My child has never choked, but gags quite a lot. Keeping calm, keeps him calm when it happens. I also talk to him after. Wow! That bite was TOO big. Good job coughing to get it out! Let’s do a small bite next.