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How to balance life


Between both parents working full time opposite shifts, having too many pets (4 of them, took them in from the streets and don’t know what to do with them now) (not trying to take them to a shelter either) a toddler. How to not go crazy taking care of pets when I should just be focused on my kid. Sounds terrible but these pets drive me crazy. Love animals, hate having pets. And keeping the house clean and trying to make room for yourself!!! I’m exhausted mentally and physically and I feel My rage growing everyday. I don’t want to yell at my kid or pets. I don’t want to be mean. I’m so frustrated and overwhelmed. Lazy too. I can’t do everything. I get blamed for everything too by my bf. thinks I don’t do enough... how ridiculous I stopped drinking coffee and have no energy but can’t drink coffee because I have severe anxiety disorder. .

  • Christa
    Jan 25

    I can’t entirely sympathize with the two parents working parts. But I can help I hope maybe ease your mind on the other issues. I am a full time stay at home mom- and we live on one income- but I do understand the stress of not feeling like you’re doing everything right, and that you feel like it’s all on you. I get that, and I think most moms do, at least at some point. So for the dogs- we have a hand full of them as well, and a toddler. Talk about a lot of work! Maybe, to incorporate your child and dogs together is have your little help you! Have them put water in the bowls or help maybe brush them, or have them help feed them! Toddlers are super interactive and want to be apart of WHATEVER you’re doing! If the littles are big enough- maybe have them all go outside together and play. Mine loves chasing the dogs around or throwing sticks for them! Have them work together! Dogs are your kids too- at least in my opinion! As far as your BF telling you you don’t do enough- maybe you two should sit down and come up with a schedule to each take responsibilities and do them. And we as moms literally can’t do everything in one day. Break it up. Maybe have your BF do laundry or fold at least. Or clean the bathroom, or god forbid take the dogs for a walk. You’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted because you’re not getting help. I think it’s a mental block too, that we are expected as moms to juggle everything. We aren’t. Have him help you. And toddlers love having independent things too- chores to do to make them feel like they are doing something great big. If you start delegating things to your boyfriend and have him do something’s too- express to him your frustrations it might help ease that anxiety. And if all else, maybe put the dogs on line for sale, and make sure that at least a couple of them go to a good home. Maybe you need to ease the burden. If you can’t balance it all and don’t want to, you’ve got to decide what is your priority and what is a thing you absolutely must change.... stick with it, and stay strong. And decide what you need to do and what you want to do.

  • Elle
    Jan 26

    Pay people to do the tasks you hate most or are most time consuming. Paying $100 for cleaners to come every other week will go a long way in making the to-do list seem less insurmountable. Do NOT give up on your pets. Get a dog walker! Before you know it, baby will be able to walk and feed them. What IS good to get rid of is clutter. It affects us more than we realize and helps make for an anxious environment. Sell off that clutter, make some $, and clear your mind and home. Lastly, I can feel your anxiety and stress through your post. Suggest seeking help from a trusted medical professional. *hugs* you'll get through this.