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How to break the pacifier habit?

My three year old still sucks on a pacifier at night and during nap time. We are having the hardest time breaking the habit. We have tried cold turkey but he just finds his little brother’s pacifier and uses that. Really looking for anything that worked with anyone else. We would like to kick this habit as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 29

    How old is sibling? My sister had the same issue.... took passys away from everyone in the house! Everyone went through it together and got through it together!

  • Mrs. HHH
    Jul 30

    Make a little Cut in the nipple!

  • Ashley
    Jul 30

    His brother is only 8 months old so not quite ready to give it up yet.

  • Ashley
    Jul 30

    I will try the cut

  • Lucy
    Aug 01

    We made a bid deal about her “giving “ it to a friends baby. ( of course they didn’t use it). She was so proud to be the big girl she never went back and still talks about it!