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How to brush 1 yr old teeth?

My daughter just turned 1 last week — she has 6 teeth total, 4 top and 2 bottom, but has 2 more coming in on top! She DESPISES me coming anywhere near her with the brush, and she’s not really there as far as doing it herself. I tried the “finger” brushes, a soft rubber texture brush that slips over my finger to see if she’d simply chew so I could get a bit of brushing in but she fuuuusses. Any suggestions on introducing a form of brushing to her?

  • PK
    Apr 28

    Have you tried the banana brushes? Training toothpaste? My son gave us trouble for a really long time. It really sucked, but we had to pin him down to brush his teeth. It got better with time... now he sits in my lap and lets me do it. He loves bubble guppies so i sat with him and watched the dentist episode a lot. He also loves paw patrol... so I sing the theme song two times through. He tries to sing with me but it’s more of a timer for him to know when I’m almost done. Also try having one parent brush their teeth while the other brushes her teeth. Let her play with your brush and brush your teeth.

  • Stacey
    Apr 28

    The dentist says to let them chew on the toothbrush now. Just to get him We will move his hand with the brush a little so there is actually a little bit of brushing. We don't use toothpaste. He goes for his first dentist appointment is in Aug when he is 22 month.

  • Jenn
    Apr 28

    I've turned it into a game, though it doesn't always work. When we brush teeth for my 11 month old, we say "ahhh" loudly, which opens her mouth. Then I make funny noises while I do a little brushing and then let her do it. She likes to brush my teeth too, so she goes back and forth between chewing on it and pretending to put it in my mouth. We use the training toothpaste and a finger brush

  • Lauren
    Apr 29

    Vibrating battery operated tooth brush with good tasting tooth paste. Let her brush her own then you get to at the end. It works wonders.

  • Yolanda
    Apr 29

    I started brushing my daughters teeth around 6 months because she had teeth grown out already. Initially she too was a bit hesitant. We tried the banana brush but she didn’t like it personally. You can always buy a few different ones and maybe see which one she gravitates towards because some kids are sensitive to textures as well. And try brushing your teeth with her and show her how you do it.

  • Diana
    Apr 30

    Try an electric toothbrush

  • BravoDad
    May 10

    Brush your teeth with your toothbrush, and encourage baby to brush babys own teeth with a matching, slightly smaller version of your toothbrush. Let baby see you enjoying it and having fun!