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How to deal with guilt when a family member is your primary child care?


For those that have a grandparent watching baby during the day, how did you deal with the guilt of the expectation that their help is no longer needed once you/spouse gets home? Aka, you don’t want them staying for dinner even though it seems natural (and that grandparent is single which makes the guilt even worse)? Oh and let’s make it harder. You’re asian 😂

  • Rob
    May 19

    You can say it straight forward and explain to them that you appreciate them and once you or your spouse is home you would like to have time alone with your kid(s).

  • Natasha
    Jul 20

    That is rough, maybe a compromise. Family dinner with grandma once or twice a week on set days that way she can feel included but also gives you days to do our own nuclear family thing.