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How to decide between a Montessori and day care? Pros and cons

I have a 2 year old who is staying with a nanny currently during the day. I am trying to put her into a Montessori or a day care. I am not sure what are the pros and cons .. please help

  • Q
    Jun 15, 2019

    It all depends what school setting you will be putting your son in the future when he is ready for 'real school ' I put my son in the daycare bc i want him to learn about routines and stuff and Ofcourse how to be with kids his own age he is the only child. My sis who is stay home mom was a teacher before put her child in a Montessori school which she likes bc her son will learn more from the older kids rather the old fashion way from teachers preachings. However she pull him out after 3 to 4 months. I ask her y she say her husband doesn't see much progress in him through the school. So now she is home schooling her own children. So back to the question if you want your kid to be more creative you can try out the Montessori and more routine you try the daycare. Fyi the daycare they also train the kids to be independent too. Otherwise the teachers will have too much to handle. My son went to daycare at the age of 2 and is still there.

  • Kate
    Jun 15, 2019

    Hi there, our 2 year old daughter is currently in a Montessori school for half days during the week. So I can’t really speak to daycare as a comparison, but here are a few pros and cons from our experience... Pros: - Emphasis on learning life skills. Wiping/blowing her nose and throwing away the tissue, caring for her environment (like watering plants/checking to see if their soil is dry enough to water, cleaning up spills, picking up things that don’t belong on the floor, etc.), washing her hands, putting on her clothes/socks/shoes, drinking from an open cup. - Big emphasis on fine motor skills. She’s now 25 months old and can twist the cap onto a mini tube of toothpaste, thread small beads onto a pipe cleaner, peel stickers, snap and unsnap buckles, work zippers. - Structure/routine. We’ve noticed on the weekends that she still goes through the motions of her school routine. For example, after snack, she’ll usually ask to try the toilet (she’s not totally potty trained yet, but we’re getting there), then water the plants. In the mornings, she does best if she has some “work” to focus on (just a simple activity that keeps her focus while I’m making breakfast) and will bring her own little chair over to set up. After eating, she’ll work to clear her dishes and clean up her table - I definitely help, but still, the effort is there. :) - Variety of activities. Every week, they rotate through a routine of activities, like music, painting, dress up, nature walks. They also have animals on site that they visit regularly. - Outside time every day, rain or shine. We live in Washington, so I love that our gal is learning that rainy days aren’t just for staying inside. - Fostering curiosity. This school does a good job of providing structure throughout the day and materials to work with, but they leave plenty of space for the kids to explore, experiment and be curious on their own. Cons: - I wrestle sometimes with the idea that maybe I should have put her in a more play-based school. In my humble opinion, kids have plenty of time to learn skills and routines, but not enough time to just play. But I think this school has the right balance for our daughter. - Illness. We’ve been hit hard this year with practically every virus imaginable. She started school in February and just continues to pick up cold after cold. I hear that’s common for the first year of preschool or daycare, so be prepared I guess. Lastly, I would say that we did not actually consider her specific future school setting all that much when making our decision. Maybe that sounds bad, but we have public and private schools as options in our area, and we know that she’ll be attending one of those in the future - likely the public schools. We did, however, think carefully about the kind of foundation we want her to have - like how to approach learning, problem solving, relationships/friendships and caring for her world and others. Hope this helps!

  • Falgun
    Jun 15, 2019

    Thank you so much for the information .. we are touring a couple next week .. will let you know what we go with.