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How to drop the bedtime bottle?

We are currently struggling to get our (almost) 14 month old to drop her bed time bottle. She’s down to a bottle of whole milk in the AM (due to our schedule to get to daycare) and the same after dinner but before bed. I’ve tried offering more solids at dinner, moving dinner later, and even offering warm water instead (thinking she just needed that suckling/warmth combo for her final calm down). I’m totally flabbergasted. Any tips on how you transitioned would be appreciated!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 29

    We just did a bedtime sippy of milk instead. Held her sleep through the night so I’m fine with it. We do milk, then brush teeth, then books.

  • Jenn
    Jun 29

    We give ours milk with dinner. I honestly just stopped one day and she didn't notice. I'd suggest stopping cold turkey and she will forget about it after a day or so. I read that it is important to stop those things before 15 months because that is when habits solidify and they become exponentially harder to break.

  • Jacqueline
    Jul 03

    My daughter was the same way. I ended up only offering water before bed and when she woke during the night. She was upset at first but I stuck it out. Within a day or two, she didn’t want it anymore. It just led to her having a bigger appetite during the day and she no longer looked for calories at nighttime.