How to enforce child’s medications with your daycare?

My daycare has not been administering my toddler’s medications to him. They are topical creams that are prescribed for his face to help heal a potentially disfiguring injury. Per doctor’s orders, he’s supposed to get them daily for a year or else it will scar and heal improperly. If it heals improperly, the doctors say my child would need surgery to correct it. I’ve discussed my concerns with the daycare but the caretakers continued to falsely tell me that they have been giving him the medications. The manager covered for them by saying that she’s seen them administer it, but I have firsthand knowledge showing there’s no way that is true. When I pressed the manager on it, she shifted stories and said that it’s just too much work for the staff to do that. I get that a room full of toddlers are a handful, but they have a 1:4 caretaker to child ratio, and it takes less than 15 seconds to swipe ointment on a finger and rub it on a toddler’s little cheek. And why is it ok for everyone’s needs to be met, everyone else’s kids and the staff, except my kid’s? It’s concerning that they haven’t been giving my son his prescriptions. It’s infuriating that they’re lying about it. We’re enrolled in a San Francisco daycare in the SoMa area. I’d like to know what my recourses are for making the daycare administer the medication, for real.

  • Mairead
    check_circleChild Care Provider Mar 06

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation, it is concerning. A daycare classroom is a busy place but it would be easy to put the ointment on as part of a regular routine like diaper changing or hand washing. I’m not sure what recourse you have to enforce this & I agree, it is concerning that this is an issue for you in the first place. I’d be interested in hearing how this works out. Best wishes to you & your child.

  • B
    Mar 06

    I’d find a new daycare immediately. If only because of the lying, who knows what else they are lying about. Unacceptable. I’d also report them to whoever certifies daycares personally, because lying about medication could be deadly. What if it was medication your kid needed to survive?

  • Jenny
    Mar 12

    Legally, the daycare does not have to apply the cream. If it was medically necessary (i.e. insulin or epi-pen) they would have to administer it. Did you filled out a medical permission form for them to apply the cream? How often does the cream need to be applied? Depending on how often, would it be possible for you to do it when you drop him off and pick him up, as well as the times you are doing it at home?

  • Caitie
    Mar 19

    From a daycare workers point of view, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. There is no excuse. That’s like saying that can’t put on diaper cream during a diaper change because it’s too much. Honestly, I would change daycares.