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How to get 11 month old to move past purees?


My baby will be 11 months in a week. His pediatrician says he really should have moved beyond purees by now, but this one brand and type of tiny cereal puffs is the only food he'll eat without having it put through a blender. He'll happily eat the pureed version of something, but not even cut-up pieces of that something, for example avocados. It's been hundreds of dollars of wasted groceries in the trash trying to find the thing he'll pick up and eat without a processor. How do you get a baby to move past purees?

  • Cable
    Jul 07, 2019

    If you make your own purées make them chunkier and keeps doing so each week untilypu can give soft while chunks of foods

  • Anonymous
    Jul 07, 2019

    Will he not try to pick it up? Is he having trouble with that? Or will he still not eat it if you try and feed it to him? My son is 10 months and some times if he won't eat the chunks I give him I'll put the chunk on top of the puree I've scooped on the spoon, or I imagine you could stir it in too. Or try baby led weaning and offer strips of things. He might end up knawing on it to teeth and decide he likes it. And mine just spits out avocado, or avoids it on his tray 🤷

  • Melissa
    Jul 17, 2019

    My lo loves peeled smashed beans (I smash them through a strainer to get the skins off quickly) and smashed avocado on his happy baby teethers. I break the cracker into small pieces bc otherwise he’ll get too much in at once bc he enjoys it so much. We’ll do hummus too, but I think it may have caused a mild allergic reaction this last time. He’s ten months but a sucker for flavor, I gave him actual guacamole (not spicy) with cheese and you could tell he was in love. Have you tried adding spices to foods to enhance the flavor a little without giving lo false expectations? We go back and forth with adding spices and not adding anything. I also eat food off of his tray to show him that I think it’s good too and this has helped so much.