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How to get help from my husband

my baby is now 9 days old and my husband still has only changed 2-3 diapers. he doesn’t do any house work. and we have 2 dogs that he used to take care of but now it has fallen on my shoulders as well. he doesn’t work and all he does is play video games all day long and sleep throughout the night while all my life is is baby. I feed her, change her, take care of the dogs, do the house work and rarely get the chance to sleep. and if I do get the chance to sleep she sleeps in the bassinet next to me, and I still am the one to wake up and take care of any of her needs. he gets plenty of time to himself and can enjoy just being by himself. I have told him many times how lonely I feel and how I just want him to be there for me but he still just plays video games and sleeps. any time I bring it up he gets angry and says he’s just tired and that I’m tired and I should get more sleep. what should I do

  • Kristin
    Jan 19

    Leave the house during the day and leave the baby with him. Go sleep somewhere or have time to yourself. Then he will have to see what you do and hopefully want to help you more. I had to leave the house for my husband to do more with the baby.