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How to get him to take orthodontic pacifier?


He's 1. Pediatric wisdom says that he shouldn't be using pacifiers anymore at his age, yes, but I dare you to tell him that. He's attached to a non orthodontic pacifier that he's had since he was in the NICU. So if he's going to keep using that thing, I figure he should at least transition to one built for kids his age, and one that won't be a detriment to his emerging teeth. They're pretty standard and easy enough to find in stores. Trouble is, he gags when he tries those. He's come close to making himself throw up. The nipple is longer and wider at the tip compared to his trusty old pacifier. I suspect it reaches too close to the back of his throat. I'd let him keep using his old pacifier, but I'm really concerned that it will make his teeth come in crooked. How do I transition him to an orthodontic pacifier?

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    Sep 12

    My dentist says as long as it is gone by 3 teeth will be fine. I wouldn’t stress it and just work in only giving him a pacifier for sleep and then slowly transition out in the next year or so