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How to get my 16 month to eat table food?


So I started my daughter on baby foods since she was 6 months.... She does good eating different varieties... She can have a bit of a gag reflex with certain foods that have more texture but keeps everything down and don’t throw up or anything... We’ve given her those baby mild cheddar puff chips along with those cereal star puff snacks that I guess quickly dissolve... she got her first bottom tooth a couple days before she turned a year... how else can We teach her to chew for her to be ready for table food??? Does this mean she’s developing late or delayed??? Has anyone else struggled with this???

  • Aye
    Jan 07

    We started to give our LO table food around 8 months, just certain things we know she wouldn’t have a problem mashing with her gums. Then when she got her teeth around 9 months we gave her more. Steamed veggies, certain types of fish, rice, beans, etc. there’s a list I found that shows what they can have at what age.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    Just start giving it to her in small pieces (quarter sized). She’ll learn to chew by trying. They don’t really need teeth for most things.

  • Heather
    Jan 11

    She is just fine. Babies dont need a mouth full of teeth to be able to eat table food. Think of how you eat, you dont eat with your front teeth. Look into BLW (baby lead weaning) Pinterest was amazing for recipes on the first food to give your baby and so much information on BLW I only fed my daughter baby food for 1 month when she was 6months old. Then we we transitioned to real food. Now my daughters eats what we eat and is not a picky eater at all! Let her watch how you eat. If needed it helped my daughter when I would remind her to chew ( i would actually say "chew") and show her with an exaggerated motion of chewing. She would copy me. Also be aware of the time you have her eat a tired child does not do well with eating or trying new foods when they need sleep.