How to get teens to do their chores and pull some weight around the house?

Help me. My teenagers are the messiest individuals I know. When instructed to pick up behind themselves,they get distracted . Next thing I know, an hour has passed and they haven’t done a thing. Please help

  • Angela
    Mar 20

    Try giving them a chore chart and weekly allowance

  • Sabrina
    Mar 20

    Saw a post that had chores with rewards. With this post the rewards were time available for electronics. The way it worked was changing the router password as needed but there are devices out there that you can get to connect to your internet that will allow you to set times and easily change settings. You may be able to adapt it to activities or hobbies your teens enjoy instead of internet time. Hope this helps!

  • Rachel
    Mar 20

    Take. Everything. Away. You participate in the family responsibilities or you don’t get any of the benefits. You are not their maid and they need to be able to function as capable adults soon. If they leave their stuff all over? It disappears, they have to earn it back. Don’t care how “needed” or important it is, you need to learn personal responsibility. As parents you work hard to pay for and provide their lifestyle and that’s the respect they show? Nope. Ask once and then it’s time to trash at whatever it is and put it where they can’t get it. Don’t want to help earn that WiFi or that phone? Byeeee. Leave trash around? It’s going to end up on your bed. Can’t do your laundry in time for school? Don’t know what to tell you. Don’t enable their laziness. You do not get allowance or a reward for doing. What is expected of you as basic human and family responsibilities. No way would I pay them on the back and hand them cash for not being filthy. It’s not going to kill them to pull their own weight and help a tired mama out.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    I saw this post where these parents gave their kids chores and allowances. If they did their chores, they got paid (after a certain amount of days). Then at the beginning of each month, the parents collected money for rent/utilities. Not something crazy like what we pay, but say like they get $5 for the month then you take out 1 dollar for rent and another for utilities. Something like that. You can use a chore chart to track how well they’re doing and base their allowance off that.

  • Lauren
    Mar 21

    1) If they have cell phones there are all kinds of chore apps. You can have them earn screen time or money for completing. 2) Our boys are 11 & 13. I have learned writing a list with their initial next to each task they need to get done. Also, they work faster if you give them a time they need to be finished. 3) Last resort I text them the list and leave the house. That way I can’t see how slow they are moving. Haha.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 21

    I would write out a weekly list. And explain that when they are no longer under your roof their will be no Mom or Dad to clean their bathroom, make them food ect. The chores they do now are preparing them to be adults. If they choose to not do the chores or are disrespectful about them take away things that matter to them. Such as tv, cellphones or time out with friends

  • Anonymous
    Mar 22

    I'd take everything away and turn off the Wifi until they get their work done. I told mine ..i'm teaching you how to live outside of this house since your goal is to move out..I'm supporting your cause. So far so good

  • Bobbi
    Mar 24

    Hide everything they use to get distracted with (i.e. phones, remotes, game controllers) IN the chores you want them to do. I. Did this with my husband lol but hide the phone in the laundry that needs folded. Hide the remote in the clean dishes that need put away, and so on.

  • Lucy Kent
    Mar 28

    Get them each a basket. Anything they leave out will go into the basket. If the basket is not empty, no privileges. If the basket is full of gross things like dirty dishes, too bad. They made the mess they can deal with it. The simplest way for the basket to stay empty is for them to replace items right when they are done using them. You can start that way and then once they get the hang of it, expand the method to different types of chores.