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How to help toddler move on from purées?


I’ve got a 15 month old with 6 teeth who loves vegetables. Great! Except he’ll only accept them in purée form. The most we’re able to do is get him to eat a little in a diced and heavily steamed version, but a) you have to feed it to him by hand, no utensils, and b) he’ll eat less than he would if it was puréed. I think he’s gotten stuck on his first solid food texture. Any tips on helping him move on from purées?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 29

    Is he eating other solids? Does he do this with fruits? Meat? Pasta?

  • C
    Nov 29

    Come to think of it, he’ll eat Cheerios just fine with his fingers, or rice puffs - snacks he was introduced to as a baby. For larger sized snacks you have to break them into pieces first. He won’t try biting off a piece of anything. Fruits he doesn’t seem to like as much as veggies, in general, and he’ll eat them if diced and mixed with diced veggies, or in a veggie-fruit blend, like many of his first purées were. He’s slightly coming around to apple on its own, cut into teeny tiny bites. He won’t eat meat for some reason. For the sake of nutrition and only with occasional success, we’ve had to hide it in his veggies, which is funny because I thought you usually hide the other way around with toddlers. Pasta he treats like his non-puréed veggies: a few pieces at most, fed to him by hand. If he sees me eating something, there’s a 60% chance he’ll give it a try as-is, though I have to use my fingers, break it into small pieces, make sure it’s not too hot or cold, and so on.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 29

    If he is able to pick those crunchier things up and eat them himself, then I doubt it's really a texture or physical problem. You could try some lumpy mashed potatoes, or something on a tray to let him get a little sensory play in, it might get him interested and used to touching different textures. My oldest doesn't like meat, my 15 mo loves it 🤷 nbd, protein can come from peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, eggs. As far as size, a 15 mo should be getting bite sized pieces that are luke warm . Even my 3.5 yo won't eat it unless it's practically cold. If I give my 15 mo larger pieces he will bite into it, but more often than not he will just stuff the whole thing in his mouth! If you are on Instagram you can follow or @ mamaknowsnutrition. But if you don't the biggest take away is if you don't offer different foods, then they will never have the chance to try them, or decide they like or dislike. So keep offering, and also remember it takes 15 or 20 times of trying something before baby makes up their mind whether they really like it or not. So maybe try offering solids first at meals, then when he is done eating what he wants give him the purees.

  • Liz
    Nov 30

    Baby lead weaning 100 first foods. You’ll have to offer up to 15 times to get baby to eat it. Just keep trying

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 30

    He really doesn’t need to eat a ton of meat. Or really any. There’s plenty of other ways to get proteins and amino acids. Have you tried black beans and chicken peas? My kids ate a ton of these. And really this age a lot of eating is for fun and practice rather than volume. My oldest didn’t eat much solids consistently until a year or so.

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    If they don’t eat it the first time, they will when they don’t have a choice and that’s all that’s still around.

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 04

    Keep offering. And slowly chunk up the food...things like stews where the veggies are formed but soft can be really helpful. Also, when he’s teething, offer things like frozen peas, corn, or watermelon...stuff that’s cool and soothing on his gums will hopefully help him over the hump. You mention that he likes puff type things, so he’s okay with dry solids. Maybe try things like raisins, freeze dried veggies, and other dried fruits to see if he’ll eat those. Once you get him trying more he will hopefully be more willing to keep going with other solids. Good luck.