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How to keep 18mo from falling asleep in car in NOT napping hours!


A few times i just turned around and went home! I feel guilty waking him up! Any tips?

  • Cathy
    Mar 27

    I have some Mom friends that say their kids just always fall asleep in the car! You’re not alone. Try to keep these car trips as short as possible. That’s all I can suggest. Trust me, if I had the option I would sleep too! LOL! Good luck!

  • Nicole
    Mar 28

    I have a 1, 3, &5 year old, so we are always driving around somewhere. I figure if someone falls asleep, they needed it a quick nap, and are usually a better mood for it. I just give them an extra 5 minutes or so when I get to my destination and then wake them up. Sometimes that leads to an early bedtime later on or a skipped regular nap, but if they're really tired, nothing will keep them awake. I had the windows down and music playing, and my 3 year old slept through it all. Haha

  • A
    Mar 28

    I just try to avoid the car if I know it’s the time of day when they will fall asleep. So we usually do things first thing in the morning or right after nap. If they fall asleep on the way home it’s usually at nap time and I just let them nap in the car. If we are planning on not getting home until close to bed time, I bring their jammies and get them ready for bed before we head home. And ... if we re driving somewhere over an hour in distance I usually plan it so they nap in the car. Some of my friends will literally open windows, throw stuffed animals at them ... to keep them from falling asleep. I just feel like that’s mean. 😂 That’s just me though.

  • A
    Mar 28

    On a side note, I guess one thing I do to attempt to keep them awake, if I need to, is just keep talking. What color is your shirt? Look at that truck? Ect. Especially as my kids have gotten older - keeping them engaged in conversation will sometimes keep them awake.

  • Jessica
    Mar 29

    It happens almost every time I go pick up my oldest from play group. Pickup is at 11:30 and most times he falls asleep as we are picking big brother up and then it sets off his nap time! The car ride is about 12 minutes each way so he’s really not getting much sleep but it messes him up somehow. I do end up waking him up when we get home and give him a snack/lunch and put him in bed about an hour later.. It takes him a while but at least he’s resting. No real tips I guess- just having the same issue.