How to keep memories fresh for your little one

So as a first time mom I was obsessed with my new baby and the little clothes and parties for him. Even throughout my pregnancy I was so proud of my baby bump and everything. I know there are books and keepsakes but often there isn't much time when you can write or you forget to put things in them. So I created an email account for my son and I'll email him photos and stories when something special happend while I was pregnant. And I can look back and remember his delivery with every detail. I enjoy it because as he grows he'll have the whole story; not like my mom who remembers some things but not most! And really, how can you? But now, if you like to you can quickly email things you would love to tell your baby when its older. Mine is 18 months and I still write my son emails. Even some silly ones, Like that I love his hugs, and the clothes he was wearing on a specific day, or what he smelled like. Little things like that. I hope he appreciates it when he's older 😍 and I also made him a baby blanket I out of his newborn clothes which he loves.

  • Ivy
    Nov 19, 2018

    I have made email accounts for my littles too. And send videos, pictures, letters too :)

  • Anne
    Nov 19, 2018

    I use the 1 Second Everyday app. You just take a 1 second video every day of your normal life and then you can compile it into a video over a month or the whole year. It's a bit like a visual diary and really special.