How to start brushing teeth?

Hi everyone! Our first tooth finally cut through baby’s gums (though it isn’t all the way out yet). How did you introducing tooth/teeth brushing? I would like to brush her new tooth before bed to avoid decay, but I’m not sure how that will go—she normally feeds then practically falls asleep in my arms at bedtime. I’m worried that brushing her teeth will throw her off and wake her up again 🤷🏻‍♀️. Thanks for any tips! Right now she uses that banana tether/toothbrush so she’s used to us touching in her mouth a little and having that “brush” feeling. We have a 360 infant brush, I just haven’t figured out how to get started.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    I didn’t start brushing until close to a year.... he had 8 teeth 🤦🏽‍♀️ I started in the bathtub, just kept his tooth brush in there and id pick it up and sing the brushing teeth song and fake brush mine. Then I sang it again and brushed his. He didn’t (and still doesn’t really) particularly care for it. But it is what it is, we try! Now I got a step stool and before bath he climbs up and we brush in the sink. However, he still gets a bottle before bed. Honestly, I think of it as it’s better than nothing buuuuut it is true, you should brush before bed. Just doesn’t work that way for us at the moment, but one day haha I’m just not ready to give up those before bed sleepy milk drunk snuggles because those are the only snuggles he gives out these days!

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    Brush early and often. One of you hold baby, the other brush your own teeth in front of her. Give baby her own tooth brush and let her mimmick you. Make it fun :)

  • Andrea
    Jan 07

    First, if you are nursing, don’t stress too much about brushing after. Baby’s teeth aren’t involved in nursing so tooth decay is unlikely just from that (worry more about solids... so brush after their last solids for the day). Even if you bottle feed, its not too terrible if you brush up until last feeding. That is as long as your not giving bottle in bed where baby keeps it in mouth. That’s where problems can arise. My first son was bottle fed. I did brush after his night bottle, but he fed in the middle of the night once or twice for a long time. I didn’t brush during those. He is now three, no cavities. My current 10month old breast feeds during the night too. To brush use a small kids toothbrush, non flouride toothpaste till they turn 1. I brush with toothbrush, then wipe teeth/gums with a wet cloth (This info was given to me by my boys dentist) Oh, and both my boys like brushing! I think starting early, letting them chew/enjoy the feeling of the bristles during teething helps.

  • Jennifer
    Jan 08

    Thank you all for your suggestions!! We’ll give them all a whirl!