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How to stop the night time feeding?


Hi! My son is about to be 6 months and he wakes up consistently during the night and won’t go back to bed unless he has a bottle. Any tips on weaning him off the bottle and getting him to sleep thru the night?

  • Kerry
    Feb 25

    If my son truly didnt need his bottle i offered water instead. After a couple of days he stopped waking for it. Generally for his growth spurts he had one during the night but as soon as it cut into morning bottle it was back to water the next night and then hed be back to sleeping through.

  • Lindsay
    Feb 25

    We are in the same boat right now. Our son truly doesn't need all the night bottles. I'm going to try water at the 4am wake up.

  • Jenn
    Feb 26

    You will most likely have to use some version of CIO. Go in and pat/shush but don't offer the bottle anymore. Go in after increasing interval of time (5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, etc.) and do the same thing. He will eventually realize he isn't getting food and will go back to sleep. After 3-6 days, he should sleep through the night.