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How to stop thumb sucking

My 20 month old has never sucked her thumb but a new child started in her daycare class and they’re sucking their thumb in every picture posted on her daycare app so I think my daughter got the idea from seeing them but she will now occasionally suck her thumb and watch me for my reaction. I try to ignore it or tell her big kids don’t need to suck their thumb but when she starts I think she can tell it annoys me so she keeps going, lol. She’s our only child and is essentially the center of our universe so she gets tons of attention from us so I know it’s not that, but it does seem like she’s trying to get a rise out of us. Any suggestions on how to make this stop before it turns into a real habit???

  • Julie
    May 05

    Wow. The English teacher in me is scolding myself for the run on opening sentence. Sorry all!!

  • Sara
    May 05

    It’s hard! My daughter regressed as well when a kid in her preschool class was sucking his thumb. We just bring it up whenever we see her doing it and tell her she can’t suck her thumb and try to give her something else to chew/suck on, like one of her little sister’s teething toys. She’s almost 4 and she’s only now really fully off the thumb sucking. It just took a lot reminding and redirecting when we saw her doing it and it got less and less and eventually she stopped. There was not a silver bullet.