How to train toddler with FOMO to look forward to sleep?

My 16 month old has an overdeveloped Fear of Missing Out and cries anytime you lie him down. He hates lying down, no matter where, even when he’s tired. Eventually he sobs himself to sleep but there must be another way. How do I get him to WANT to lie still and sleep?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 02

    Let me know when you find out lol my son is 2.5 and still cries to sleep..... I don’t think any kid just willingly goes to sleep. It does help him though when I say mom is going to nap and dad is going to nap and nana is going to nap and then we can all play when we wakeup. So he doesn’t think he’s the only one 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Momof2
    Jan 04

    My daughter went through a phase where she always said she didn’t want to go to naptime because she wasn’t tired. I would tell her that I was really tired and I needed her to put me to sleep. It was so adorable she would sing me a little song and I would lay down next to her and half the time I would pass out but even if I didn’t she was usually asleep within 15 minutes and then I could leave