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How to wean from pacifier?

Our baby is about to be 1 yo. She is already down to one nap, but she still relies on her pacifier to soothe to sleep. She also loves to rub soft cloth on her face (think a small snuggle blanket or silk square), but if she can’t find her pacifier she’ll suck on the blanket/cloth. Do you have any recommendations for weaning her off the binky? I’m struggling to brush her teeth at night because she has a bottle right before bed (it’s her last meal). She eats it, I try to wait a minute, and then she takes he binky and is drowsy enough to put in her crib to fall asleep. Thanks for any tips!

  • Eric
    Apr 21

    We finally won with our two year by telling him he left it on the AirPods all gone.

  • Christa
    Apr 22

    The pacifier fairy 🧚‍♀️ just showed up one day and it was gone! No transition or weaning it just is gone!!

  • Becca
    Apr 23

    I just went through this with my 2 year old. She always slept with her paci. I tried poking a hole in it and that didn’t work. Honestly, completely taking it away is probably the best method. It’ll be rough for you for a few days but then she won’t want it. I acted like I “had lost it” and looked around and I “couldn’t find it”

  • Alexis
    Apr 24

    We just weaned our 14 month old off his. We started with night time sleep first and let him keep it for naps. The first night was torture! It took hours to get him to sleep. The second night I discovered that he was happy in his crib with a pillow and blanket and hes slept perfectly since! (We monitored him VERY closely with the pillow and blanket the first night to make sure he could handle it without getting himself in a dangerous situation). Once we got night time sleep down we waited a couple days (it was Easter weekend so too busy to try). I took his paci away for naps yesterday and he did pretty well! My hubby said he did get up overnight last night, but overall hes doing great! In total it has taken us about a week or 10 days maybe to completely take it away. One thing, we made the mistake of leaving the paci where he could easily see it at first and he would throw a fit for it. Once we moved them out of his sight, it got a little easier. Out of sight, out of mind!! Good luck!