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Hungry Hungry Baby!

My little Sophia is 5 months, I’ve been giving her solids since she was 3.5 months and man can she eat! We do a mixture of home made and store bought “Gerbers” ( I prefer beech nut). She’ll eat a large jar and shortly after (Maybe like an hour or so later) she’ll ask for a 5 oz bottle!! Someone suggested to put oatmeal in her bottle to help make the milk a little thicker. Have any other moms tried this? Any suggestions on what will help my hungry hungry baby?

  • Ashley
    Dec 29

    Hey mama. Our daughter was the same when we started giving her solids. But we didn't start that until she was about 6 months old. It seemed like she had a bigger appetite. When I started giving her beechnut ( i prefer that too) we gave her almost two jars at a time. Otherwise we gave her home cooked food. But when it seemed like she was hungry again we just decided snacks would be better.. fruits, crackers, yogurt puff, Cheerios etc. We limited the amount of bottles we gave her. Also oatmeal in her formula is a big help. I found that when we give her a good amount of oatmeal in her formula at bedtime it will keep her full enough through breakfast. I don't know about other mom's but I'd only do that either for the morning feeding or at night because any daytime bottles with oatmeal could throw off her schedule with other feedings and least that's what I think.

  • Jenn
    Dec 29

    My LO is the same. Babies are still supposed to drink 28-32 oz along with food until about 8-9 months. Then they start slowly self-weaning from formula and eating more food, but some babies eat that much til 1 year. So if she is hungry, give her the bottle. No need to add anything to it.

  • Elle
    Dec 29

    Move up to 6-8oz feeds. She's still hungry! 5oz isn't enough for a lot 5 month olds. No need to add starches as fillers. Formula has everything in there she needs. For solids, go for high protein, high iron options like cooked eggs, meats, tuna, or tofu and low sugar peanut butter.

  • Julie
    Dec 29

    Everyone gave great advice!! I would up the milk amounts and also add in more snack solids!! My daughter also drank a LOT of milk (formula/breastmilk combined) while starting solids. She actually still drinks probably more milk than she’s “supposed” to but I’m not about to start limiting a growing baby of food and drinks!!!

  • Ivette
    Dec 29

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I have upped the amount of milk BUT if I give her 6 or 7oz she won’t finish it. That’s why it was suggested by her doctor to add oatmeal or cereal. I’ll start adding in snacks to see if our changes anything

  • Anonymous
    Dec 30

    Maybe swap from purée type of food to something more filling like foods you eat! Actual banana, avocado, Cheerios, noodles, soft steamed vegies , things with real content :)

  • Lauren
    Dec 31

    By 5 months I was feeding my baby what we eat. He loves food and could never seem to feed him. I’d bf before solids and then let him eat until he was full/done. He’d bf, have a graham cracker, and 5oz of applesauce most mornings.