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Husband always asking his sister for advice


Literally from baby name, to what to do when LO is sick or teething, to baby gear and it drives me up the wall. And when I tell him about it he says it’s just good to get a second opinion. It’s his younger sister and just because her kid is 4 doesn’t mean she’s a baby expert. Sometimes he’ll ask him mom but he’ll ask her too. What annoys me the most is when she’ll try to tell us what medication and how much to give LO or how when we were picking out a high chair she tells him not get the one I picked and get something simple since we have two girls we can get them a kid size table and chairs later, (only to find out she got a very similar one to the one I picked for her son later on). She already picked out the swing and car seat for my firstborn (I’m thankful it saved me money but at least give us the receipt so I can exchange it for something I like) Maybe it’s all in my head but I don’t even know how to tell her to butt out when he keeps asking.

  • Elena
    Mar 30

    Firts you should talk to your husband and let him know how you feel and how you as a mother know things as well and would like to pick your own things since it's you kids.if you have a nice relationship with you sister milaw you should talk to her as well and explain how you are grateful for her help and advice but you know what you are doing and let her know to respect the fact that you want to be involved and have your own preferences for what you like for your baby

  • Anonymous
    Mar 30

    I have, I’ve told him it’s my first baby and I’d like to be the one to pick things out but he likes to bring up how it’s saving us money and when I’d ask him to return it so we can exchange it he brings up how his family got it and they’d get upset or he says he’ll do it and never gets to it and now the baby’s one already. I’ve told him when it comes to medication LO has a doctor we can ask. But he likes to bring up how his sister would know and I’ve told him so would our moms if we need to ask anything. And as for his sister she says she’s just excited because this is her first niece. Now when she gets stuff and if I know the store usually Walmart or target I’d go return it since the return policy doesn’t require a receipt. Behind his back of course. Else I don’t know how to do it

  • Steph
    Apr 27

    I know the feeling. Mine will call his single, child-less sister questions before he asks me for my input about my own kids. That’s why I really can’t stand seeing my In laws now- always involved with my life and my kid’s when I’m the mother. It’s the husbands fault, but you need to let him know how you feel. I’m still fighting this battle for the last 3 years. Good luck.