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Husband refuses to put our toddler in daycare


We have a 17 month and 6 month old. Currently my husband works and goes to school and I go to school part time. I’d like to start nursing school and get a job but it is so hard with little ones. Either my mom or mother in law watch our kids if one of us can’t. MIL gets busy with her own work and other grandkids and traveling and my mom is starting a business so we don’t have a guaranteed baby sitter. I’ve asked to put my toddler in a daycare that’s part of my old private school (daycare-12th grade) I know the people there and my brother goes by there often. Husband won’t allow it. He says he doesn’t trust anyone but our moms (I don’t either but I know most of these people) and he’s gonna wait till our toddler can communicate with us before putting her anywhere and I don’t need to be working anyways. I’d like to work so we can live a little better and do more and so I can pay for my own school and just to not feel bad about asking for spending money. When we went on dates I never allowed him to pay for me and I don’t like being dependent. It would just take a load off me or whichever grandma is babysitting is it was just one child (they only take 1ys plus) for the next 6 months. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 27

    Then he can stay home with the kids while you work and go to school. It's not fair for him to ask that of you.

  • Brianne
    Jul 31

    He 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 your 👏🏼 boss 👏🏼 he 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 your 👏🏼 partner. If kids don’t stop his dreams they don’t get to stop yours!

  • Matan
    Sep 19

    Have his explain in detail what his concerns about daycares would be and see how to address those concerns. A quality daycare has cameras for him to monitor, experienced certified experts, healthy foods, social and educational activities, and they reduce stress on the family....