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Husband uses TV for playtime


My husband’s idea of spending time with our 2 y/o is turning on the TV while browsing on his phone. When I try to address with my husband, he scolds me to let him do things his own way. We have a newborn so my husband has had to help more (meaning more tv) and now my son throws major tantrums when he can’t watch tv at other times, even when I try to engage him in something like games or reading. Any suggestions how to curb these tantrums without having to confront my husband about it?

  • PK
    Mar 15, 2019

    Let him throw the tantrum? I usually give my son a heads up when I’m about to turn off the tv.. like 10 more min. Next commercial. Or last episode. He threw tantrums every time at first but now it’s a short whine or scream and then he goes to find something else to do. My husband is the same way as yours. I’ll invite my son to go play with me outside. Some times my husband will come out to play too and then I’ll sneak back inside, forcing them to play with each other. Once my son is outside, it’s hard to get him to come back inside.

  • Mike
    Mar 16, 2019

    Oye. At 2 years old... thats hard. At 3 I started teaching my children about “the show monster”, the part of you that gets angry and upset when you can’t have more shows. The personification of those feelings really helped our twins. In all honesty, you need to confront your husband. Sometimes you need the TV to be sane (with twins we do it, no shame), but try to limit it as much as you can.