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Husband very distant?

So I’ve been home since beginning of June because I’m a teacher and doing a lot more with D but it seems that my husband has gotten distant. I feel that he doesn’t need to help because I’m not working and as soon as he come home he’s on his phone or tv. When he gets home we don’t really talk unless it’s about D or things we need to get done during dinner the same and bed time he hugs me for a while and then he turns around. Am I going crazy or is this normal? Should I ask him or leave it? I don’t want to seem over barring?

  • PK
    Jul 04

    You can always ask him if everything is ok with him. And maybe suggest getting a sitter for date night so you guys can reconnect? Try not to accuse him of anything. Sounds normal to me... sounds like my relationship except for the occasional conversation about what my brothers or dad are up to or what his side of the family is up to.