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Hydration and milk production at night


I always try to stay super hydrated, but recently I thought, I need to gulp extra water before bed because I don’t wake up and drink water for 7+ hours while I sleep? Therefore, wouldn’t I have low supply in the mornings? But then I remember that night is when we produce the most milk due to some chemical stuff I don’t remember... so then does that chemical stuff basically create more milk production BECAUSE it’s night and most people don’t wake to drink water??? Mind blown?!?! Or I’m just a complete idiot and need to sleep more? 😂😂😂😂

  • Ivy
    Apr 16

    I have no idea how it works, but I’m suffocating at night from the bricks on my chest! I try to avoid water at night, but I do get very thirsty! Probably because my body is taking all the water from me to make milk. I do notice that I don’t have the urge to pee when I wake up, like I usually do. When I do drink a lot of water, I end up having to pump or else I’m soaked through my breast pads