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I am 8 weeks pregnant and since I found out, I’ve been sick 3 times. Just a typical cough, fever, fatigue and muscle soreness. I got tested for the flu and it isn’t that. This is my second pregnancy, during my first I didn’t get sick at all so I’m not used to this. I’ve taken Tylenol to bring the fever down each time but I’m worried about the sickness affecting baby. Does anyone have any experience with this? Just need peace of mind 😌

  • Jacqueline
    Feb 14, 2018

    Every pregnancy is different, with my first I was sick the first 6 months , with my second I wasn’t sick at all and with my last I was sick on and off .. when your pregnant your immune system is weakened so your more likely to get sick. Just keep drinking a lot of fluids, I’m a all natural kinda momma so I try not to take anything over the counter, but Vick’s rub helps and a heating pad ! Hope you feel better !