I am currently trying to potty train my 2 year old little girl.....

She seems to do better about telling me she needs to potty when I put actual underwear on her but I don't know how to do this with her going to daycare during the week. They help with potty training some but probably not like they should. Do I send her in the underwear & hope she tells them or what???

  • Nicole
    Nov 09, 2018

    I used to be a 2’s teacher in a childcare center, we had to follow the parents wishes. If I were you, I’d send her in underwear & of course bring extra pairs. Let the teacher know that she is in underwear and needs to be taken to the bathroom . They will start taking her more often if she keeps having accidents with them. They are going to want to avoid that.

  • Lana
    Nov 09, 2018

    Tell the daycare to offer her going to the bathroom every 30 min

  • Glückskinder
    check_circleChild Care Provider Dec 11, 2018

    It is important to communicate that you started potty training with her. Ask about their process. Send more than on pair of extra clothes. Try it with underwear if that's how it works at home. I usually work with children with a benefit system. I am sending the children regularly to the bathroom, I am asking them if they have to go potty (to let them get a feeling for it). And if they did potty, they get a sticker and positive encouraged. No punishment. The process is crucial if you work with too much pressure. Be patient, potty accidents will happen. Good luck