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I had an incredibly difficult time Brest feeding due to low milk production. Long story short after 3 months of essentially torturing myself and my baby because I didn't want to give up the fight I had to start supplementing. It was heartbreaking on so many levels. I've been told that just because you have issues with the first doesn't mean you will the second/third/forth etc. time around. Have any of you experienced not being able nurse one child (for supply reasons) when you were with the next?

  • M.E. Z
    Oct 01, 2017

    I also had a hard time breastfeeding and had to supplement after a couple months. (It was such an emotional hard time.) I was reassured by another mom in my postpartum yoga class, who had a second baby, that it could be better the second time around. She had low production with her first but said she was making way more milk with her second. So I that conversation has given me hope.

  • J
    Oct 01, 2017

    I'm dealing with that now with my second. My first never latched and supply wasn't enough for him. Now with my daughter, she was more patient and I'm still BF her at about 3mon but it's still a struggle to get enough supply. I can only get a good 5-7oz MAX every 5hrs. It's really frustrating when she eats every 4hrs. I'm still fighting the good fight at least until I can feed her solids along with bottles.

  • Anne
    Oct 03, 2017

    My first could not breastfeed but my second had no problem with it. I think it can be very different from child to child!

  • Nina
    Oct 03, 2017

    My first did not latch but to be fair she was in the nursery for 3 weeks. And I didn't breastfeed her at all. She had acid reflux too. My son didn't latch until 3 weeks and stopped at 4 months (he found out the bottle was much easier). With both kids, I lost milk production at 5 months. Had to supplement with formula. Breastmilk is best but every mom and child is different. FED IS BEST!! You're doing a great job!! I hope this helps.

  • Kydubois85
    Oct 04, 2017

    When I was pregnant with my first I knew I wanted to breastfeed and so that’s what I was going to do, feed my child the way nature intended it and enjoy continued bonding after birth. But soon after his birth he was having trouble latching and as we worked on that I began pumping and pumping and the supplementing formula. I literally had seen every lactation consultant, pediatrician and obgyn and after 8 weeks of exhaustion the most breastmilk I was able to pump was 25 mls and that was a big one for me. With all the doctors telling me I did all I could and that I just wasn’t producing, I decided to give up in defeat. I felt like a failure as a mother and woman after all that’s what we’re made for. With my second I decided not to stress out and just see if she decided to latch which she didn’t. I was sad but I now have an 8 and 5 year old and they are just as healthy and happy as any other kid