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I have a 1.5 year old who screeches - how can I stop this?

I know it’s a toddler thing to get upset about everything, but when my son doesn’t get his way, can’t do something (like open a marker) or doesn’t like something, he will screech/scream. I’m trying to teach him not to, but he doesn’t talk yet so it’s challenging. Any ideas on steps to take to help combat this? Thank you!

  • Kendall
    Feb 13

    Baby sign language :) easy things like help, hungry, all done, nigh nigh have really cut the whining and frustration down for my 15 mo old!

  • Alex
    Feb 13

    Oh good idea! He does some of them already (like hungry/eat, more) but I should learn some others. Thanks!

  • Kendall
    Feb 14

    Of course! Yes help, more and please can really help when frustrated 😁

  • Myrtle
    Feb 21

    I struggle with this as well... my 15-month-old screams when she’s frustrated. She does have a few words now and can say “help” so when she screams I say “ instead of screaming use your words, say help please”. They’re old enough to understand so even if they can’t pronounce the words yet, I think it’s good to start giving them the words to use so when they become more verbal they have it in their vocabulary. I heard another parent say they taught their child to stomp their foot on the ground when they are frustrated. Not sure how I feel about this one. In one way it’s great because they don’t have to be verbal to use this tool but I’m not sure if I want to foster the idea that emotions need a physical outlet… But I guess as they get more verbal you teach them that instead? Anyway I think the key is that no matter what behavior your child is doing that you don’t like (hitting, screaming, or throwing toys etc ), remember that is the only tool they have at this stage. It is our job as parents to teach them to use different and more socially acceptable tools. I also had to do some self reflection and realize that my husband and I sometimes yell/raise our voices with each other when we are frustrated so it’s no wonder that our kids think that this is OK, right? Sometimes I will say to my husband the same thing I would say it to my three-year-old “ can you try that again in a Calmer voice please”. It’s important we model the behavior we want our kids to exhibit