Megan Clifton
San Francisco, CA


I have been overwhelmed by the personalized level of care and support Emily, Matthew and her team have provided to our two and half year old. Our daughter is thrilled to go to pre-school everyday at Pacific Heights Prep. The space is warm and welcoming and she has really thrived there. Emily and team have been incredible partners to us as well, advising on techniques to help when our daughter has acted out, but also celebrating and reinforcing positive behavior. What stands out to me most, and what distinguishes this special place from others, is the genuine love of learning that's instilled at a young age. For example, they focus on letter recognition early and lots of storytime to cultivate a passion for reading. Emily and Matthew have raised three bright wonderful children themselves and the team has treated my child as if she's their own. Pacific Heights Prep also utilizes the BrightWheel app so you can see all of the fun activities and creative projects they've participated in throughout the day. We literally receive 10 to 15 pictures a day, not including general updates around feedings/changings/naps etc. They also provide amazing, home-cooked nutritional meals and snacks. Overall, I'd give Pacific Heights Prep the highest rating possible given the great care, attention, activities, meals and love they provide to our daughter.