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I love how my mil


Says if she were a Sahm she would spend more time with my son whom is 3 with Autism etc and take him everywhere. Like whatever. Now I’m gone to NC waiting on my husband to come here next month (he has the other two kids) she ain’t doing nothing with him! Like what was that stupid? What was that? You’re gonna do what now? I’m sorry I know I’m not a perfect mom and what not but she doesn’t see what goes on in my house and I do spend time with my son. She can eat her words. Sorry y’all I just have a lot of hostility towards her. She has always thought she was better than me etc. whatever. I’m done with his family. That’s exactly why I moved here to NC.

  • Rachel
    Jul 11, 2019

    LOL that's called armchair quarterbacking and I'm SO SURE she would be up at 5am EvERY morning making organic, from scratch breakfast and the house would be spotless and the activities would be endless because in fantasy land no one runs out of energy or has their own needs