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I need help


Soo my LO (little one) has been potty trained since April she hasn't had an accident ever since. A few weeks ago the small toilet in the gyms daycare overflowed with water. And she had been terrified any other toilet besides the ones at home ever since. She started preschool last week and she kept having accidents at school. Also the preschool didn't have small toilets. I've been trying to have her go with be to different restrooms in restaurants and stores so she can feel for comfortable using different restrooms. But she still refuses to use them. I decided to change her to a different school where they do have smaller toilets she will start her new school in two week. So I just need some advice as to how to get my daughter through this fear. I have tried rewarding her with stickers and it doesn't work shes just to scared. Also I forgot to add that ever since that incident shes been scared of flushing the toilet at home. Shes slowly getting over it but she is still a bit scared.

  • Laura
    Aug 22

    My instinct is to recreate the incident in a way that she has control and can fix the problem. So maybe take a small potty and make it "overflow" by filling it with a lot of water and then have her pretend to be a plumber and "fix" some imaginary plumbing with a toy wrench or something, and then mop up the water.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 22

    @Laura thank you soo much for the advice I will definitely make sure to try this out !