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I need help finding activities to do with my 8 month old on a low budget

I’m a stay at home mom and my biggest struggle is keeping my little boy entertained. The past few months I’ve been letting him watch TV, but I’ve noticed lately that he hasn’t been reaching some milestones with language and emotional connection... I realized with how often I let him watch TV, it isn’t helping him develop what he needs, but I don’t know what to do to help him learn! We don’t have much money to go out to places like the children’s museum very often, and I don’t have many things at home to challenge him. I read to him everyday. I take him outside to play with the grass and leaves. I let him play with different textured foods like pasta and rice... I would really appreciate some suggestions on what I can do to help challenge him to think! 🙏

  • Kieli
    Nov 22

    I have never taken either of my kids to a museum... just keep doing what you are doing. Reading, singing, dancing, colored blocks, stuffed animal play ... it will all help him learn. My 2 year old knows a few colors, can count 1-10, say her ABC’s, and knows TONS of songs because I’ve been working with her at home. We haven’t had a lot of money either, and until recently only had 1 vehicle so I was stuck at home all day. 8 months is still pretty young, so don’t be too concerned he will learn. And if you are going to watch tv, watch educational stuff like BabyFirstTv, my daughter used to watch that from time to time when she was that age

  • B
    Nov 22

    Libraries are free and have great kids storytimes. Often bookstores do too. I also love the page handsonaswegrow for great ideas. You’re doing great!

  • J
    Nov 23

    Libraries are a great source. often, other free community activities are posted there as well. if you are most worried about language, it sounds like you are doing all the right things, so keep at it! sign language is another way to reinforce key words. singing as well!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 23

    Check out hands on as we grow, the blog. They have a variety of activities and most of them either use materials you have at home or you can sorta look around and swap it in. It’s very hard to keep babies that age entertained and safe without being the one entertaining. As far as education, they’re simply Learning by listening and watching you. So when your cooking, give the baby some Cheerio and prop him where he can see and talk to him about what your doing, colors and shapes and why your doing it. More or less narrating yourself is what helps. Same for the grocery store or whatever else you need to do.