I need help with my 3.5 year old. About 6 months ago he regressed with potty training and now has no interest in it at all. I’ve tried the naked method, the 3 day method, the “oh crap” method, about 8 different kinds of potties, sticker board offering treats, even tried having him go outside in our backyard, but no dice. I get him on the potty quite often and he sits there, but only goes maybe 1 out 10 times. His school says he only pees in the potty, but tries every time. I’m on the edge of losing it. Do I have to hire a consultant? Or just wait it out? And to make matters worse my son’s huge...so he looks like a 6 year old in a pull-up. 😞 HELP! And please no judgement. 🙂

  • Melissa
    Jan 07, 2018

    Some boys aren’t potty trained fully until almost 5. There is no set age at when one child should be trained. When he is ready it will come. This comes from potty training other people kids for over 15 years at various schools. You could try putting him in underwear and when he has an accident he needs to do the majority of the clean up. After changing your own poopy clothes a few times he might decide to use the toilet.

  • Andrea
    Jan 07, 2018

    Did something happen 6 months ago that might have triggered the regression? My son had a pretty major potty regression when his younger brother was born. That lasted probably the better part of a month and really was only an issue at home. At school he had no issues, but if felt like for almost a whole month, we were cleaning up after accidents. I have no real words of wisdom on this, except that I wish you all the patience and good luck as you and your little guy work through whatever the issue is.

  • Sara
    Jan 07, 2018

    The author of my favorite potty training book (“Oh Crap”) offers virtual coaching sessions http://www.jamieglowacki.com/potty-support/ I’ve never done it but have it bookmarked in case we have a regression when baby #2 comes.

  • Linn
    Jan 08, 2018

    It may be gross, but cloth diapers work great cuz they won’t wick away the wetness

  • Raqui
    Jan 09, 2018

    I agree with Melissa! I believe in letting them feel it, and help be responsible to clean up after themselves. I don’t know about your child but my daughter dislikes too much praise. Potty training was just matter of fact ( be encouraged mom, I started her at 22 months and she’s now 3 and still poops herself sometimes) My neighbor’s son isn’t very verbal but he just got it and he is about to 4. Also Andrea has a good point-he May have had a trigger of some kind.