Fort Collins, CO

I registered my 7 and 9 year old girls for a summer art camp at VanCo Art School and they were really excited. My older daughter did well and produced some great looking art. I have no complaints about the art but the owner/teacher is not skilled in the art of communication or in dealing with slight behavior issues in children. I would not recommend sending your child here if they can not sit perfectly or produce perfectly good art for this teacher as she is very particular and doesn't like the kids being even slightly messy. Art for kids is about being creative and experimenting and being a little messy is part of the learning process. A child who has trouble with this would not be a good match for this camp/class. Also, as a parent, if you wish to communicate in any form with the owner/instructor then all bets are off. She doesn't return phone calls or emails unless it is for you to make a payment for the class. My younger daughter attended one day of the camp then became sick and per doctor's orders could not attend the rest of the week. The school policy does not deny partial refunds in this case, it only states the deposit is non-refundable. The owner, in person, verbally agreed to a partial refund but never followed through or responded even with a doctor's letter, multiple voice mails and emails. The camp is expensive and only worth it if you have just the right child, money to waste if something should come up, AND if you don't have professional behavior of high importance on your list of qualities for a business owner.