Rapid City, SD


I took my little kids to all 3 outdoor public pools so I could compare them. Of the three, Horace Mann is our favorite facility. They have a tiny tot slide (best for ages 18m - 4, stairs are on land, slide spills into extremely shallow zero-entry area). Then there is a preschool slide (best for ages 3-6, stairs are on a splashy platform, slide spills into about 6" of water with a soft landing pad). And lastly, there are three large slides for swimmers 48" and taller. The zero entry fountains and splashes are fun, but not overwhelming and not difficult for a hesitant kid to avoid. The shallow area is about 90% physically separated from the deeper area, so it's easier to supervise and contain multiple small kids. There is a playground adjacent to the pool (outside of the pool property) which I like for drying off and winding down before heading home. Overall, this is a great pool for engaging a wide range of kids' ages. Taking two pre-swimmers to the pool is tricky since the pool rules require that all kids under 6 must be within arms' length of a supervising adult at all times, but the Horace Mann layout makes it possible for both a toddler and preschooler to have fun within a reasonable distance of each other.

  • Horace Mann Pool in Rapid City, SD