Victorville, CA

I will never leave my child here again. Day after day, the teacher in charge of the two year olds informed me that my daughter was violent with the other children and pried me for information about her home life, seeming to insinuate that we must often be violent with her at home. This is not the case, my child has been raised with love and care in a stable household with her sister, mother, and father since the moment she was born. She never exhibited the behaviors that the center staff have complaints for (hair pulling, biting, aggression) until she began attending this kindercare. I am deeply disappointed to see that the exceptional cost of care at this center does not constitute quality care. My child has not benefited from spending time here, if anything she has picked up on several undesirable behaviors from the large class sizes and lack of aptitude on the instructor’s behalf. Her teacher was often stand-offish and hardly acknowledged me at pick up times. She often complained to me that my child’s attendance in the classroom was a large problem because she would ‘leave marks’ on the other children. My question is why the teachers are not equipped to deal with these situations in which toddlers behave aggressively when their job is to supervise two-year-olds. I don’t appreciate the insinuation that the problematic behavior is purely my fault and that I’m being unfair to the parents of the other children by sending her there. The teachers are obviously too lazy to effectively intervene since the behavior keeps being a problem, and one that they are trying to place the blame solely on me for. If a special-needs child is hurt by another child in class, then who is to blame? The teachers for not supervising the classroom. Toddlers are not much different from special needs children.