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Ideas for feeding a 10-month-old

Hi all! I'm introducing my 10-month-old to solids. Any ideas for yummy healthy food? I'm terrified of her choking and am out of ideas!

  • Preeti
    Dec 29

    Steamed mashed plantains and fruits, oatmeal, porridge made of rice, lentils and veggies

  • Raji
    Dec 30

    She can pretty much eat wat u eat minus the nuts, honey and other foods not appropriate for under year baby. Just make sure the food is well cooked so that she can gum it and give her tiny pieces. She will gag as she learns to eat but will improve over time. Always supervise when she eats.

  • Lynn
    Dec 30

    Baby led weaning.

  • Kim
    Dec 30

    Just cut up what you are eating into small pieces: baby led weaning. Just don’t do things like chopped nuts/popcorn, choking Foods. We did this with our daughter. No need for baby food and such, just give them a selection of what you are eating for them to try.

  • J
    Dec 30

    avocado :) my doctor said “use the pinch rule” — if you can crush it by pinching, it is good.

  • Jon
    Dec 30

    Hummus. It helps to prevent food allergies as well.

  • Elle
    Dec 30

    Google the difference between choking and gagging. There is a HUGE difference, they look and sound totally opposite, and it will put your nerves at ease. No need to worry. Just don't leave baby unsupervised with food (or any small, potential chokable objects for that matter). Food: skip empty calorie carbs, starches, and fillers. Focus on high protein, high iron and high vitamin foods. Scrambled eggs, baked sweet potato, avocado, boiled carrot sticks or whole carrot, squash, tuna fish (canned albacore), banana, peanut butter... Since she's starting solids a little later, suggest prioritizing the "big 8" bc the sooner you introduce common allergy foods, the less likely baby is to develop an allergy. NEVER honey under 1 yr. It can give baby botulism. It happens. Don't risk it. Enjoy this stage! It's a blast.

  • Ady
    Dec 30

    I started solids to my lo when she was 6 months...I started with mashed porridge of rice n lentils...then cereals, mashed potatoes,avacadoes, veggies, mashed fruits too

  • ACK
    Jan 08

    My son is 10 months and he loves to feed himself avocado, banana, scrambled eggs with cheese, Cheerios, baby Goldfish, cereal puffs, cooked carrots, hard boiled egg, cut up peanut butter sandwich, ham, and chicken. He LOVES a sweet potato with a little butter and breast milk mixed in. I have to spoon feed him that though...but it gets his belly nice and full before bed 😊